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Video journalist Guy thinks he’s scored the assignment of a lifetime when he‘s sent on a month-long trip throughout  Europe interviewing bands & music-lovers during their summer festival season.  

However, an initially flirtatious encounter with backpacker Carly on a train bound for Amsterdam takes an unnerving turn when she starts to show up unannounced at the same festivals he’s working at.

When she seizes his passport and the hard drives containing his interviews, he’s forced to travel with her across Europe to live out the deluded romantic fantasies she’s created from years of watching rom-coms and Audrey Hepburn films before she’ll return them.
With Interpol in hot pursuit as they leave a trail of crimes in their wake, Guy must outwit Carly and gather the clues scattered across the continent to uncover what’s driving her unhinged behavior before their final showdown in Verona, at the home of Shakespeare’s most famous doomed romance.
Set across nine countries, ‘Pack Only What You Need’ is a fast-paced, rom-com thriller, in the vein of ‘The Beach’ and ‘You’, and the tone of ‘High Fidelity








Sara Anderson
5.0 out of 5 stars


Nick Pollack does it AGAIN

December 5, 2019

Format: Paperback
I want to thank the author for his advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my review (though I would have gladly provided a review anyway)

Nick Pollack has an amazing way of writing that feels so human and real. He truly writes his characters in such a believable way and our flawed “hero” in this novel, Guy, is no exception.

This novel twists and turns until the very end and left me not wanting to put it down. With plots that are so original and unique Nick Pollack (in my humble opinion) is an author to watch as he is a master craftsman of words.

Do yourself a favor, grab this and “Any Girl Who Loves the Beatles is Bound to Break Your Heart” and start reading. You won’t regret it.

Thank you again, Nick. I can’t wait for that next novel!





Adriana Belotti
5.0 out of 5 stars


Packs an epic punch!
Format: Paperback
"Pack Only What You Need" is a modern tale that follows the adventures of an online journalist covering music festivals in the European Summer. One morning, he meets a girl at a train station and his life changes forever.
The underlying critique of some hot-button topics adds a bit of depth, and is better enjoyed with an open mind.
It's a light read, perfect for a lazy weekend. Go ahead, you won't be disappointed :)
Disclaimer: An advanced copy of the book's paperback edition was gifted to me by the author, in exchange for this review. I'm happy that the book exceeded my expectations and I can fulfill my end of the bargain with a 5-star experience. Well done Nick Pollack!

Pack Only What You Need

SKU: 366615376135191
    • Paperback: 347 pages
    • Publisher: Meyeweigh Publishing (November 24, 2019)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1647132223
    • ISBN-13: 978-1647132224
    • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.9 x 7.8 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 15.8 ounces
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