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Jade Chung is the brightest, most knowledgeable ten year old you’ll ever meet. There’s not a math equation or scientific problem that she can’t solve.


As brainy as Jade is, she’s absolutely hopeless at anything creative. But after a confrontation with a gang of bullies, she’s forced to finally use her inventiveness to challenge them in a creative writing competition.


Enter Zodee Ack, the product of Jade’s imagination who, much to his frustration, transforms every two hours into a different animal on the Chinese zodiac. When Jade’s writing efforts pulls Zodee from his world into ours, he proceeds to turn her life upside down. While only she can see him, he creates chaos for her at every opportunity.


However, with the wicked plans of the new town mayor afoot, Jade & Zodee must overcome their differences and work together to save the children of Australia from his villainous schemes.


“Zodee Ack, My Imaginary Foe” is a middle grade comedy adventure about the power of imagination, solving problems on your own terms and learning to accept yourself, warts and all.

Zodee Ack, My Imaginary Foe - Book 1

SKU: 978-1086284829
    • Paperback: 274 pages
    • Publisher: Independently published (August 18, 2019)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1086284828
    • ISBN-13: 978-1086284829
    • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.7 x 7.8 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces
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