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Written by Nick Pollack
Romantic Thriller


Being dragged to a rom-com is a form of torture for most guys but when charming rogue Guy crosses paths with sociopathic cinephile Carly on a train in Germany, the torture is very real as she chases him across Europe and drags him through scenes of well known romance films.


"This is a clever, inventive script that spends its first half being an enjoyable “Before Sunrise” imitation, and then wickedly turns the genre on its head and morphs into a “Fatal Attraction”- type thriller while still somehow managing to retain the charm and whimsy of the first half. It boasts a very likable, resourceful protagonist and a terrific villain who is a fascinating mix of the diabolical and the endearingly vulnerable. Script is refreshingly willing to revel in its movie-geek creds, from its brazen title to its cheerful, direct references to “La Dolce Vita” and “Roman Holiday”; this is a script by a movie-lover, for movie lovers."

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